At Evergreen Energy, we provide renewable energy solutions to businesses and homeowners. We will show you how to operate more efficiently and reduce energy consumption. We install renewable energy equipment to generate electricity, supplement or take the place of heating, air conditioning and hot water appliances.

Take advantage of 30% Federal tax credits that apply to most of our services.  Solar electric, solar thermal, wind turbines and geothermal systems all qualify.  Sales tax exemptions, property tax exemptions, utility rebates, and state sponsered rebates are also available for most installations.  Contact us for details.

Latest News!

The second round residential CT Solar Lease is now available! The lease will have no up front cost to the owner and will have a term of 20 years.  The lease is available in an escalating and non-escalating version.

Financing is now available for Solar Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal and Geothermal Projects!  Smart-E loans up to $30,000 are available through several credit unions and banks with terms of 5 to 12-years and interest rates between 4.49 and 6.99%.  Please check out for details.

The Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (formally the CT Clean Energy Fund) released a new rebate program for residential Solar Photovoltaic purchases in January 2014. Current rebates are a maximum of $1.25 per watt for the first 5 kW PTC and $0.75 per watt for the remainder, up to a maximum of 10 kW PTC or 100% of the owners prior 12-months of electricity usage, whichever is lower.  Please contact Evergreen as soon as possible if you are interested in a Solar PV System, Solar Thermal, Wind Turbine or a Geothermal system for your home or business.

Zero-Emission Renewable Energy Credits (ZRECs) are now available for all Class I renewable energy systems which are constructed without incentives from the Clean Energy Finance & Investment Authority.  The fee to be paid for ZRECs are based on the system size and will be determined by CL&P and UI on an annual basis.